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Chirst's Comfort For Those Who Sorrow

Price: $15.95
Anyone who has felt the pain of losing a loved one would find comfort in this book. Losing a loved one can effect someone even to the point of them wanting to die. Yet this book can change all of that, it explains how the family and friends that we mourn are now much happier where they are, diminishing that previous torment of a loss.
"...we entrust the souls of our dear loved ones who have passed on into the Presence of One who is Love." Page 31. In His love are our loved ones welcomed and in His love are we comforted. Through the voices of our Savior, our Fathers, and those who have faced such loss, Fr. Anthony shares beautiful vignettes to enlighten our understanding and bring peace to our hearts. Passages are brief yet potent, carrying with them messages to console those who grieve.
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