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The Council of Chalcedon Re-Examined

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Father V.C. Samuel has written one of the great theological works of the 20th century.  He presents both historical and theological background to one of the most important and longlasting Christological controversies, and offers an un-dogmatic and non-polemical explanation of the central issues.  His approach seeks to avoid blame and suggests positive steps which can be taken to restore the unity which Orthodoxy once experienced.  The breadth of this academic research are illustrated by the wealth of footnotes which make it a useful work for academic student of theology as well as every Christian layperson.

Father V.C. Samuel is one of the great figures of Oriental Orthodoxy in the 20th century.  An Indian Orthodox, he studied for many years in India, before widening his experience through study in the U.S.  His concern was always to unite Christians, and many of his writings, his commitment to dialogue between churches, and his membership of inter-church organizations were directed to this end.  His theological works were directed to resolving theological divisions, though he was completely committed to the Orthodox faith.  He passed away in 1998, after 60 years of dedicated service.

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