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Good and Faithful Servant

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Drawing on scriptural, patristic, historical, dogmatic, and liturgical foundations, this pioneering volume endeavors to develop an Orthodox Christian model of stewardship. Renowned contributing authors explore the links between wealth and poverty; the relationship between ecclesial authority and parish management; voluntary impoverishment and detachment; individual and social philanthropy; the shifting affiliations between church and state and the consequent effects upon Christian attitudes toward property and money; hidden intentions related to charitable acts; sacrificial giving and tithing; the accountability of stewards; moral and social themes related to money management; almsgiving and acts of mercy; and the eucharistic impetus behind benevolent acts. In America we are all invited to exercise responsible stewardship, to share our resources in a generous but also disciplined and accountable way. But if this is to be truly Christian stewardship, we also need a vision. We need to make Gods oikonomia, Gods plan of salvation for humankind, the model for our own human oikonomia, for our stewardship of Gods many gifts to us.
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