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The Rite and Hymns of the Annual Sunday Vespers Praise

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It is a 3 disc audio CD set - the most complete recording of the Annual Sunday Vespers Praise in the Coptic language. All the hymns of the Annual Sunday Vespers Praise are included in their entirety (including recitative hymns). Where there are more than one version of a hymn, all versions are included, with applicable commentary. The recordings contain rare hymns in their melismatic tunes, including hymns such as the melismatic Alleluia of the Vespers Praise (Alle-el-3asr) and the melismatic Areten-thontee. The 3rd CD is a reference source, containing recordings by Cantor Mikhail El- Batanouny. It also contains an audio explanation of the history of ancient Coptic hymnology.
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