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Life of St. Moses the Strong - DVD

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St Moses was born at around the 4th century AD. He was a Abyssinian (Nubian) slave, idolater, killer, and robber. He was not convinced of himself and was not satisfied with the things he was doing, so he began to search for the one eternal God of the Universe, and often asked himself if it was the sun. And it came to pass, a Coptic farmer guided him to go to the Sheheet Wilderness where he would find monks to teach him about the living God. And so our saint made his way through the wilderness, and met his spiritual father St Isedorous the priest of the monastery cells. St Isedorous took our saint to St Makar, and soon enough St Moses confessed all his many sins at the hands of St Makar. St Makar then saw a angel erase from a black platter every sin St Moses confessed of, until the black platter became white and clean after St Moses fully confessed his sins. After St Moses made his confession, St Isedorous took our saint to the monastery of St Bishoy, and baptized him in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Our Saint soon earned a reputation for being a great hermit, very modest, and full of kindness towards sinners, so he became worthy to be ordained a priest at the hands of the 23rd Pope, Pope Thaophelous. After the passing of time our saint became much advanced in years, while he was sitting with St Makar, St Makar said that he saw a crown of martyrdom, falling on the head of one of those seated with him and seven other crowns for other brothers, St Moses replied Perhaps it is I, for the Lord said For all they that take the sword shall perish by the sword. A few days later, as predicted the barbarians attacked the monastery and St Moses together with 7 other monks attained the crowns of martyrdom.
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