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Martyrdom In Christianity

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Christianity appeared on the stage of life as a religion of little importance whose followers were of no significance. But soon it attracted the attention of the world owing to the increase in the number of its followers and sublimity of their virtue. As soon as the pagan State felt danger threatening it, it waged a deadly war aiming at eradicating Christianity. + It was possible for Christianity to become something different from what we see at present, if it were not for those who adhered till death offering their lives as a price for their love for their Christ. Lord Jesus sacrificed His blood in Jerusalem for the life of the world and the whole of the Creation. The martyrs believing in this stained with their blood the whole world thus expressing their love and faithfulness. + What the martyrs did, in fact, is still lively before our eyes with their biographies full of life and the prayers they raise for our sake and for which we ask for their intercession.

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