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Coptic Orthodox Church My Faith

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This book was first published in 1990 in the Metropolis of Beheira, Matrouh, and Pentapolis, and has been republished a number of times ever since in different publications.  Its targeted readership is primarily the youth of secondary school and university (16-25), at whose are questions and inquires recur concerning our Holy Faith.
So, we have gathered a number of these questions, categorized them systematically according to the articles of the Creed, and set them in the form of sequential dialogues of a 148 questions and answers.  We sought precision, simplicity and depth, in order to present this work in practical and fitting manner, so that it may be simultaneously comprehensive and concise to our youth in every Christian family, and so that it may be beneficial to all who ask a reason of the hope that is in us.
Our aim is to present the basics of our Christian and Church life in the form of questions and answers, as it is one of the most beneficial and effective forms of Christian education for all ages.  “Without faith [it is] impossible to please [Him]”  (Hebrew 11:6).

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