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St. Antony

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St Antony was born in the year 251 A.D. He was born of very noble parents. After a few years his father and mother died and he and his sister were left behind. When he was in church he heard a verse in the bible saying, If you want to be perfect, go and sell all that you have, and come take up your cross and follow me. After hearing this he did just as the passage said. He then sold his possessions and gave the money to the poor, and took his sister to the house of the virgins. St. Antony was tempted by many devils in the desert, and most the thing the devil hated in the saint was his humility and self-denial. He used to do miracles and was always loved by all. He became known as the father of all the monks. God used to reveal to him many things. Saint Antony lead a very righteous life and was greatly loved by God. He gave up his spirit on January 30, 356 A.D. May the blessing of this holy and righteous saint be with us all. Amen.
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