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The Epistle of St James: A Commentary

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Archbishop Dimitri is so cherished for his kindliness, his warmth, his humility and his practical pastoral wisdom that many may not realize that he is also a disguised scholar.


In The Epistle of St. St. James: A Commentary, Archbishop Dmitri offers a scholarly yet pastoral approach that will enlighten professionals in the field, yet engage interested laypersons who wish to explore the meaning of Scripture at a more serious level.  This book reminds us that the rich sermons and good counsel our beloved Archbishop has been sharing with his people for decades draw not only on a deep well of prayer and contemplation, but also on a profound intellectual understanding of God’s word.


Archbishop Dmitri’s legacy endures in the lives of his thriving church and his people, but it also carries on his written teaching, and part of that teaching is found in this commentary.


--Rod Dreher, from introduction

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