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The Rite of the Glorification

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  • For the first time ever, the most complete and comprehensive book of the rite of the Glorification in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
  • Contains all the hymns of the Glorification rite that are chanted for St. Mary and the angels, as well as the martyrs and the saints known in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
  • Contains a large number of hymns, both in Coptic and Arabic, such as the Coptic Adam doxologies and Arabic Adam doxologies.
  • Contains corrections and reviews of hymns in the Glorification rite that were misunderstood, accompanied by relevant explanations of the changes made.
  • The only Glorification book approved by the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
  • The book was reviewed by three bishops:
    1) H.G. Bishop Mettaos, who reviewed the rite.
    2) H.G. Bishop Demetrious, who reviewed the Coptic language of the hymns.
    3) H.G. Bishop Estefanous, who reviewed the Arabic language of the hymns.
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