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The Holy and Joyful Fifty Days

The Holy and Joyful Fifty Days

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Published by St. Paul Brotherhood, Diocese of Los Angeles, Pages: 67

The Holy Fifty Days have a beautiful spiritual depth, which makes a person grow and rejoice spiritually after the asceticism of the Great Fast and the Holy Pascha Week.

It is a period of rejoicing in the Resurrection of our Lord and our resurrection with Him. It is the time to experience the new life in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the period in which a person who has practiced self-control over material things during the fifty-five days of the Great Fast rises to live joyfully in the spirit, and to worship God in spirit and truth. If a personal plants with efforts, toil, and tears during the Great Fast, then the Holy Fifty days is the time of harvest, accompanied by joy and gladness.

As inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Church arranged that readings and hymns of the Holy Fifty Days to help us experience the new life of joy and victory in our Lord Jesus Christ. The person, who spiritually lives the prayers, hymns, and readings of this period will experience spiritual depth and benefit.

This book is a brief patristic companion to the lectionary of the Holy Fifty Days (Easterside) of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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