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The Letters of St. Antony the Great

The Letters of St. Antony the Great

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Published by St. Paul Brotherhood, Diocese of Los Angeles, Pages: 65

Truly, my beloved, “I write to you as to as wise men” (cf, I Cor. 10:15), who have been able to know yourselves.  For he who knows himself, knows God: and he who knows God, is worthy to worship Him as is proper.  My beloved in the LORD, know yourselves!  For those who know themselves know their time, and those who know their time are able to stand upright, and not be moved about by diverse tongues.  An excerpt from Letter Four.


Through this series, we desire not only to introduce the believers to the historical lives of the saints, but to recognize and praise the work of the LORD through them.  By admiring the Light of the LORD shining brightly in and through them, we seek to develop our own personal relationship with GOD

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