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Turnaround: The Orthodox Purpose Driven Life

Turnaround: The Orthodox Purpose Driven Life

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Author: Forrest Long; Pages: 126

Spirituality is a high priority for many people today-both in a Christian and non-Christian context. Multitudes are on a journey to discover a solid spiritual foundation to build their lives on and it's no easy task to discern what is a passing fad and what has enduring value spiritually.

TURNAROUND The Orthodox Purpose Driven Life is as practical, hands-on strategy for spiritual growth which sets out on a one month journey that is balanced theologically and historically within the context of the Orthodox Christian Church.

This isn't simply an information book. This is a roadmap-the daily stopping points having been used by many for centuries-which will guide you into four essential areas that will impact your spiritual development: Focusing on God, Understanding Myself, Building With Spiritual Disciplines, Ministry in Motion.

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