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Beloved, Hated and Exalted: The Life of Joseph

Beloved, Hated and Exalted: The Life of Joseph

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Author: F.B. Meyer, Pages: 149

The life of Joseph is the exquisite story of one man who, though deeply wronged, rose from the darkest of pits to vice-regal power. His life holds a special charm, not only for its intrinsic beauty but also because of its vivid foreshadowing of the life of Jesus Christ. There are scenes in Josephs life that provide a stunning rehearsal of the greatest drama ever enacted among men: He who cast into the pit of death now sits at the right hand of God, a Prince and Savior. Painting a thoroughly biblical portrait, F.B. Meyer masterfully shows us how the hand of God that lifted Joseph above malice and cruelty of man can carry us through all the dark passages of our life.

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