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Book of the Holy Pascha (5th edition) - Individual Hardback

Book of the Holy Pascha (5th edition) - Individual Hardback

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Hard Back Cover; The Old Testament translation is according to the original Coptic and Greek Septuagint in modern English and Coptic and Arabic as well. The New Testament translation uses the New King James Version

This Pascha book is the only book you will need for the entire Holy week. It covers from the last Friday of Great Lent through the Feast of Resurrection Liturgy. The contents include:

1-Last Friday of the Great Lent
2-The Holy Unction Prayer
3-Lazarus Saturday
4-Palm Sunday (and procession)
5-The Holy Pascha
6-Book of Psalms (According to the Coptic & Septuagint)
7-Bright Saturday
8-Book of Revelation
9-Resurrection Feast Liturgy.

English Old Testament translation is taken from the "Apostolic Bible", the modern translation of the Greek Septuagint, Copyright 2004 by Paul W. Esposito.
English New Testament translation is taken from "King James 2000", the modern version of the Authorized King James Version of 1611, Copyright 2000 by Robert A. Couric, Bible League.
Arabic and Coptic translations are taken from the Katameros of the Holy Pascha Week, Cairo, Egypt, in public domain
Illustrations are taken from collection of Justave Doré (1832-1883), Paris, France, in public domain. Cover by George Philipos


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