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Finding God in Time of Sorrow and Despair

Finding God in Time of Sorrow and Despair

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Author: Anthony Coniaris, Pages: 234

We are often asked to recommend a book that provides spiritual healing to persons who are depressed. After examining many volumes, we latched onto a book that provides just the kind of spiritual healing a depressed person needs. This is a book that is easy-to-read and is divided into brief, positive, uplifting, Orthodox Christian messages for each of 171 days. A double-spaced, bullet format with short, crisp sentences and a brief summary thought in bold type invite readership, since a depressed person is not likely to want to read long dissertations. Each message allows God to dispel the darkness of depression with the light of His comfort, love, hope and strength. We chose the following excerpts to describe the contents of this book: The mercy of God has no limits, nothing is too great for it. That is the reason why anyone who despairs is the author of his own death (St. John Climacus). Focus on the reasons you continue to choose to live despite your despondency. Focus on Jesus. Stop telling God about your big problem and start telling your problem about your big God.

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