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Moe and the Big Exit

Moe and the Big Exit


VeggieTales DVDs ~ With Bonus CD Personalized Songs.

The VeggieTales gang is tackling the very important story of the Exodus. But, in a typical Veggie twist, they're telling it as a Western! Meet Moe (aka Larry), a good-natured cowboy who sticks to his guns for his kinfolk's sake. Living in Dodgeball City, Moe is hoppin' mad when he sees his family forced to dig the Grand Canyon. In a dramatic showdown, Moe tells the zucchini mayor, "Let my people go!" Will the mayor squash Moe's plans to get out of Dodgeball with his relatives? Find out and learn a lesson in following God's direction at the same time! Approx. 52 minutes.

Bonus Features:
  • Making a Western
  • A Real Western Cowboy
  • Studio Commentary
  • Art Gallery and Commentary
  • Why We Do It
  • Boyz SingAlong
  • Little Joe Storybook
  • How to Draw Moe
  • How to Draw Zippy

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