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Authors: Reverend Father Dan Suciu; Pages: 40

ORTHODOXY - Catholicism without Additions, Protestantism without Subtractions.
How is Orthodoxy really different from Roman Catholicism or Protestantism?  Orthodox Priest Fr. Dan Suciu tells you in 181 easy-to-read questions and answers.  Great for Enquirers, Catechumens, Converts, Cradle-Orthodox or anyone dating or considering marriage to a non-Orthodox!  Topics include Baptism, Born Again, the Brothers of Christ, the Eucharist, Filoque, Holy Scripture, Holy Tradition, Icons, Idolatry, the Immaculate Conception, Infallibility, Merit Theology, the Papacy, Prayers for the Dead, Sacraments, Saints, Sola Sciptura, Transubstantiation, Veneration, the Blessed Virgin and More!

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