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St. Moses the Ethiopian

St. Moses the Ethiopian

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Author: Fr. Jerome Sanderson, Pages: 47

A certain wealthy, high-ranking official came to Sketis with a large caravan. He bestowed gifts upon the monks and inquired where he might locate the elder Moses. After receiving directions, the official set out to visit the Ethiopian monk. Moses, perceiving in the Spirit the approach of the official, went out to meet him, in the guise of a traveler.

Encountering the dusty elder along the way, the official asked him if he knew the whereabouts of Moses. "What do you want with that troublemaker?" the elder asked him. "Stay away from him. He will do you no good." The official, stunned and scandalized, returned to Sketis and told the monks of his conversation on route. They could not believe that anyone would speak so about Moses and asked the official to describe the man he met. The official described him as being tall, white-haired, and black, with ragged and dusty clothing. Hearing this, the relieved monks informed the official that the monk he had conversed with was none other than Moses himself. The official was somewhat chagrined and realized that Moses wished to avoid the praise and recognition of men. And so, edified, he returned to his home.

ST. MOSES THE ETHIOPIAN filled with beautiful drawings and illuminating stories, will enchant young readers with the exploits of this ancient hero. Fr. Jerome Sanderson, a priest of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, has shared in this little book his love for St. Moses and we hope that through it, many more will find inspiration in the extraordinary life of this marvelous Saint.

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