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The Deacon's Service and the Vespers and Matins Prayers

The Deacon's Service and the Vespers and Matins Prayers

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Prepared by Fr. Jacob Nadian; Pages: 670. Spiral Bound, presented in Coptic, English and Arabic.

This Fourth Edition includes complete Vespers and Matins Prayers, with all litanies, absolutions, verses of cymbals and tens of doxologies. The book also includes all seasonal rites and hymns for the whole year, all written in Coptic, English and Arabic. The book includes Feasts of the Cross and Palm Sunday with complete Bible readings and hymns for procession, expositions, and melodies; as well as Feasts of Nativity, Nayrouz, Resurrection, Ascension, Annunciation, Circumcision, Epiphany, General Funeral Prayer after Palm Sunday, etc., with many annual and seasonal melodies. You will also find hymns for Fasts of Nativity, Jonah's Fast, Lent, and Prostrations Litanies for Lent and Jonah's Fasts. The Book also includes Glorification of St. Mary and many other saints and the complete rite for Engagement, Wedding (First and Second Marriages) and Unction of the Sick. There is also an article translated from H.H. Pope Shenouda's writing about "Etiquette For Serving In The Altar", as well as Instructions For the Deacons, and Psalms 26, 121, 29, 92, and 46 (in English and Arabic as written in the original Katamaros) to be chanted by deacons along with a complete table of Coptic Alphabets and their corresponding Greek, English and Arabic letters. You will also find parts that were written only in Arabic in the original texts (e.g. Palm Sunday), are translated into Coptic and English.

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