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The Servant of God: The Life of Moses

The Servant of God: The Life of Moses

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Author: F.B. Meyer, Pages: 192

The remarkable life of Moses towers before us like Michelangelos colossal statue hewn in stone. But a closer study shows us that though he had outstanding leadership qualities, the marvelous outcome of his lifework was not due to any of these qualities, but to the faith that knit his soul to God. His faith managed to do what all his other qualities without faith, must have failed in doing. Painting a thoroughly biblical portrait, F.B. Meyer matserfully presents Moses as a man whose character took years to form, and whose mighty deeds were due to the simplicity of his faith that allowed him to be a channel through which the divine purpose was achieved. And it is in his steps that every believer can discover the keys to becoming the servant of God.

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