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The Spiritual Meaning of Resurrection

The Spiritual Meaning of Resurrection

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Author: H.G. Bishop Youssef, Pages: 54

Now is the time when the blessed light of Christ sheds its rays; the pure rays of the pure Spirit rise and the heavenly treasures of divine glory are opened up.  Night’s darkness and obscurity have been swallowed up and the dense blackness dispersed in this light of day; crabbed death has been totally eclipsed.  Life has been extended to every creature and all things are diffused in brightness.  The dawn of dawn ascends over the earth and “He who was before the morning star” (Ps 109:2) and before the other stars, the mighty Christ, immortal and all powerful, sheds light brighter than the sun on the universe. 

For all of us his faithful He has initiated a bright, new day, long, eternal, and unquenchable; it is the mystical Pascha, celebrated in figures under the Law but fulfilled in very truth by Christ; the marvelous Pascha, the wonder of divine virtue, the work of power, truly a feast, an everlasting memorial, impassibility born of suffering, immortality born of death, life born in the tomb, healing born from wounds, resurrection born from the fall, ascent to Heaven born from descent to Hell.  St. John Chrysostom

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