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The Transfigured Cross: Fr. Bishoy Kamel

The Transfigured Cross: Fr. Bishoy Kamel

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Author: John H. Watson, Pages: 64

Readers of the Coptic Church Review in the last two decades will have seen and understood many varied contributions from the Rev. Dr. John Watson and will be aware of his other supplements to Coptic studies. But he has said that his study of Fr. Bishoi Kamel was written to provide a comprehensive appreciation of what he sees as the most significant gift of modern Coptic life and thought to universal Christianity. In nine short chapters, the author has explored the significance of Fr. Bishoi Kamels continuing presence in Coptic Egypt and abroad and touch on his biography, parochial ministry, marriage, theological study and more. This book is a great opportunity to read about one of the most beloved modern day saints in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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