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Together Everyday

Together Everyday


Introduced by HH Pope Tawadros II, Pages: 415

This blessed work is the fruit of prayers, reading and meditations.  It has taken much time and effort to bring it to the hands of our beloved reader to accompany you every day of the year in an enjoyable daily journey.  In doing so, we have focused on five items:

1)      A suggested title for each day to be the aim and focus of your thoughts for that day.

2)      A verse from the bible which you can memorize, contemplate and repeat.

3)      A saying by any of the church fathers.  These are living words that have existed throughout the ages.

4)      The Synaxarium of the day – the daily commemoration of significant Christian events because history is life.

5)      A brief meditation in the form of spiritual words together with some meaningful stories concluded by a suitable spiritual training

This is a series of three books totaling 415 pages.
Participation and Introduction By POpe Tawadros II, Fr. Youhanna Baqi, and a group of the church Servant of St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in Helioplis, Cairo.

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