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The Order of The Liturgy of Filling The Cup


Author: Fr. Markos R. Hanna, pages:52

The history of the order "TAXIS" of filling the cup is the oldest sources of Taxis which mentioned this Order is the Vatican Library, for it contains five manuscripts for this book, which in the last chapter (ch.24) talks about Taxis of Filling The Cup.


  • The History of this Taxis
  • The Reason for this Taxis
  • The Liturgy of Refilling the Chalice
  • Thanksgiving Prayer
  • The Hymn of the Censer
  • The Pauline Epistle 1 Cor. 11:23-27
  • The Trisagion
  • The Litany of the Gospel
  • The Gospel Matthew 26:26-29
  • Inaudible Prayers
  • The Three Long Litanies
  • The Orthodox Creed
  • Reconciliation Prayer
  • Aspasmos Adam for Taxis
  • “Likewise also the Cup ..”
  • Fraction Prayer
  • Inaudible Prayers
  • “Remember O Lord, our assemblies …”
  • The Confession
  • Deacons’ Response
  • Psalm 150
  • Distribution of the Mysteries & Blessing

**This book has 52 pages in English and 52 other pages in Arabic & Coptic ** 

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