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At, we are committed to making Orthodox Christian resources readily
available and affordable to anyone around the world. Therefore, has
selected the United States Postal Service to fill all of its shipping needs. We feel this provides the
most inexpensive service to our customers while still being extremely reliable and professional
in their delivery. Before placing orders, please take into account all of the following:
All orders will be shipped as soon as possible but may not ship for a maximum of 5-7 business
days after order has been placed. Please also take into account that the United States Postal
Service is closed and does not deliver on Sundays or federal holidays.

All packages shipped domestically within the United States should arrive within 7-10 days from
the date of shipping and in many instances will arrive much earlier.
For international orders outside of North America, please allow approximately 2-6 weeks for
delivery and note that customs charges or other additional charges may apply. All international
orders will be insured as there is no other method of tracking by the U.S. Postal Service. If
additional charges apply, you will be notified by email and asked how you would like to proceed.
For orders to Canada, please allow slightly more time than 7-10 days. is
not responsible for additional charges for customs handling made by Canadian post offices as
you may be required to pick up your package from your local post office because of Canadian
rules for international packages received.

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