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Noah, Is Warning of Very High Flood

Noah, Is Warning of Very High Flood


Author: Archdeacon Dr. Michael Maksi Eskander, Pages: 32

First Series of Biblical stories selected for immigrant Coptic Children, produced by Mahabba Bookshop Cairo, Egypt
1) Joseph, the Most Faithful Brother
2) Noah, Is Warning of Very High Flood
3) Moses, The Brave and Capable Leader
4) Lot, Among Corrupt Residents
5) Esther, The Fair Lady and Wise Queen
6) Samson, The Lusty and Disobedient Ruler
7) Ruth, The True Lover of Her Mother-In-Law
8) Daniel, The Pious Youth and His Loyal Friends
9) Jonah, The Fugitive from God’s Holy Mission
10) David, The Hero of War and Peace
11) Little Jesus Pays a Special Visit to Egypt
12) St. John, The Little Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ

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