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Pachomian Koinonia - Volume 1

Pachomian Koinonia - Volume 1


Complied by: Armand Vellieux, Pages: 493

Descriptions of Pachomian monastic communities from a variety of ancient sources, including the Lausiac History and A History of the Monks in Egypt, and full translations of the Rule of Saint Pachomius and the Regulation of his successor, Horsiesios.

Pachomian: The Life of Saint Pachomius is volume one in the three volume series on Pachomius and the origins of cenobitic monasticism. 

Pachomian Koinonia: The Life of Saint Pachomius
Volume 1:  The Life of Saint Pachomius and His Disciples
Volume 2:  Pachomian Chronicles and Rules
Volume 3:  Instructions, Letters and Other Writings of Saint Pachomius and his Disciples

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