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A Torch of Love in the Coptic Monastic Life Book 6

A Torch of Love in the Coptic Monastic Life Book 6

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Published by The Convent of the Great Martyr St. Philopater Mercurius, Pages: 175

This book speaks about:

Tamav Erene: An Eminent Spiritual Life

1)      The first stop of the journey

2)      The second stop of the journey

3)      The third stop of the journey

4)      The fourth stop of the journey

5)      The fifth stop of the journey

The Pure Virgin St. Mary, the joy of humanity

1)      The life of spiritual joy

2)      Joy in the midst of Tribulations

3)      Forbearance

4)      Thankfulness

5)      Self-denial

6)      An extempore prayer

From the springs of Divine Love

1)      The power of the Spirit

2)      The trip to Athos

3)      His Grace Bishop Makary of Sinai

4)      Testimonies and personal experiences

The renewed mercies of our God

1)      Praise and glorify the mercies of our LORD

2)      They are going to devour me

3)      Do not worry, God will not leave you

4)      Tamav Erene’s hand was still visible

5)      My daughter, why are you crying?

6)      I really felt the hand of God

7)      She held my hand with her hands

8)      I saw Tamav Erene in the operating theatre

9)      Tamav Erene, please bring me the watch

10)  The reliquary of Abi Seifein got heavier

11)  God saved us from inevitable death

12)  Great is the power of Our God

13)  I was resurrected

14)  The Holy Spirit began to truly work in me

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