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Coptic/English Dictionary

Coptic/English Dictionary


Author: Dr. Adeeb Makar, Pages: 281

The Coptic Language was the spoken language of Egypt until about the 10th century AD when it was gradually replaced by Arabic. The Coptic Language was quoted by many scholars as, "one of the most beautiful, most cleverly structured and most musical in the world". There are two major dialects in the Coptic Language; namely the Sahidic and Bohairic dialect. The Bohairic is the one used in the Coptic Church Liturgy. There are not many Coptic dictionaries in the world. This one represents a simple Bohairic Coptic/English dictionary along with the traditional pronunciation of the Coptic Words. As we go from generation to generation, it is important for us to continue to teach and learn the Coptic language and its meaning. May this book assist you in this journey.

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