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Deaconess in the Coptic Orthodox Church

Deaconess in the Coptic Orthodox Church


Author: Fr. Markos R. Hanna, pages: 12

The word "Deacon" in old Syriac is "Shammas" meaning Servant. So, Deaconess means also Servant, a servant to serve others.  The difference between them is that a deacon serves in the church liturgical services and has as important role in it, but the deaconess is a social servant, as we will read, and is not involved in the church services, i.e. the liturgy, vespers, matins, or any other priestly service.

Table of Contents:

  • Issues to be Discussed in the Research
  • The Holy Scriptures
  • Requirements for Deaconess
  • Constitutions of the Holy Apostles and Deaconess
  • Duties for Deaconess
  • The Rites of Deaconess

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