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Author: The Late His Grace Bishop Youannis of Gharbia; Pages: 220

Heaven is the aim of all mankind. Our hearts long to attain it. We fervently hope to possess it. We struggle to reach it and be blessed by it. Contemplation on the glories of heaven and what awaits its saints gives those who struggle for it a spiritual push forward and makes them forget all their toils. 

 The goal of this book is to answer some questions about heaven.  The contents of this book were not originally intended to be printed in this form, but are the result of seven lectures preached by His Grace Bishop Youannis of blessed memory, during the Great Lent in Tanta and Hahala El Kobra in 1974.

This book, written by the late Bishop Youannis, Coptic Orthodox bishop of Gharbeya, of blessed memory, examines several aspects of Heaven from an Orthodox Christian perspective. First published in 1991, this work has already become a spiritual classic offering a comprehensive understanding of Heaven and the afterlife.

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