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How Are We Saved?

How Are We Saved?

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Author: Bishop Kallistos Ware; Pages: 91

Bishop Kallistos Ware understands Scripture and our salvation. He presents the Eastern Orthodox approach to salvation from both the theological and personal perspectives. Does an excellent job of illustrating the nuances of classical Protestant and Roman Catholic views and how the Eastern Orthodox stance expands and deepens these approaches. He does not work to disagree with these other churches, but to balance and clarify their theology. This book is very useful as a starting point for personal meditation, and group discussions. The structure is topic -- bullet points. There are no lengthy paragraphs. Every sentence is crystal-clear. A background in theology is helpful to understand the depth of the issues he is addressing, but this is not a dry theological theoretical tome. The book leads you to worship, the essential work of all good theological thought.

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