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Hymns of Glorification & Praise for St. Mary

Hymns of Glorification & Praise for St. Mary


This CD was produced at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Washington, D.C. The content of this CD is presented almost entirely in Coptic and English. The hymns on this CD include "Shere Maria," "Khen Efran," "Rashe Ne," "Ariepresvavin," "Atai Parthenos"

St. Mary, the Ever-Virgin Holy Theotokos and intercessor of the human race prophesied and said in Luke 1:48 "For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed." She is worthy to be praised because the Father chose her, the Holy Spirit overshadowed her and the Son was born from her. May her prayers and intercessions be with us all.

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