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Khedmit El-Shamas (Service of Deacons), 3rd Edition - الأساس في خدمة الشماس

Khedmit El-Shamas (Service of Deacons), 3rd Edition - الأساس في خدمة الشماس

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Produced by The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Language is Arabic and Coptic, Pages: 1151

The Third Edition of the Deacon’s Service book, expanded and revised!

The complete deacon’s reference to the rites and hymns of the Coptic Orthodox Church, with Coptic, Arabic, and Arabo-Coptic texts, in three columns.

Arabic and English table of contents, titles, and page numbers.

Implements all liturgical decisions made by the Holy Synod until the year 2012.

Contains changes to the rite of the General Funeral according to the recent decisions by the Holy Synod, with an appendix at the end of the book explaining the old rite.

Addition of hymns that are chanted during the Patriarch’s repose.

Addition of all the lectionary readings for the three festal evening liturgies, with the first parts of each reading available in Coptic, and the whole reading available in Arabic. 

Contains many more interpretations and liturgical studies on each of the rites, in every chapter of the book.

Contains corrections to the previous editions’ spelling and grammar mistakes.

Addition of the Greek text for Greek hymns chanted in the church.

A new Coptic font is used, which is easier to read.

A new arrangement for the book to contain three columns instead of two columns, so that it would be easier to follow the hymns in Arabic, or to pray alternatively between Coptic and Arabic. 

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