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Philo and the Patience SuperHoly

Philo and the Patience SuperHoly


Written by Mireille Mishriky, Illustrated by S. Violette Palumbo, Pages: 25

Philo loves going to church. If only he can find a way to sit still during Liturgy! Sometimes, Philo feels that the Liturgy is too long. This is all about to change. Philo is about to experience a Sunday morning unlike any he has ever had, thanks to the Patience SuperHoly and her amazing suggestions.

Philo has recently discovered that he has Super Powers. Not just any Super Powers but Holy Super Powers that can help him overcome obstacles, rise up to challenges and face any fears. Join Philo as he learns how to benefit from the blessings of Liturgy, the wonders of the Church and how Patience is an awesome SuperHoly to activate!


This second book to the Philo and the Superholies series is a joy to read as was the first. This book was very relevant to my children since it illustrates the value of ‘patience’ and its importance in a child’s life yet is probably the hardest virtue to cultivate throughout their young age group.The examples given through the eyes of the character Philo, are exceptional and practical for everyday application. My children love these two books and I’m definitely looking forward to reading the third!
– mariam
loved the story even more than the first one! It was awesome how he imagined himself in every story! Another gem for our book collection! Keep it coming!
– J.F.

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