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Philo, Rose and the Joy SuperHoly

Philo, Rose and the Joy SuperHoly


Written by Mireille Mishriky, Illustrated by S. Violette Palumbo, Pages: 28

Only a few more days left till summer vacation begins! And what a summer this will be! Philo's cousins are coming for a visit and he has plans for weeks of non-stop fun! Sadly, things don't always go according to plans. Philo will soon discover that health issues can try to steal our happiness. Thank God for Rose and the SuperHolies who step in and help Philo realize that there is always a reason to be joyful, even in the worst circumstances. Join Philo and Rose on this new adventure and learn how to activate the powers of the Joy SuperHoly.


My boys are 5 and 7 and they love these books. They give them the superhero they love, it gives them a little boy they can relate to. This book more than ever my boys can relate since one is faced with the same issue as Philo. The boys love to show these books to their friends and we've purchased a few as gifts. The story is easy enough for both to follow, the pictures are descriptive for them to pick up and "read" the book themselves. They have a great lesson to take away from it and always apply superholies to trouble they face.
– Mary Mansour

I have been a huge fan of the "Philo and the SupeHolies" series, and this book is the best one yet ... not just because joy is one of my favorite Fruit of the Spirit, but because it strikes at one of the biggest challenges families face with children now - the challenge of having joy. We live in a consumerist culture that teaches us never to be satisfied, and this affects our children as much as it affects us. This book brings us back to joy by pointing out one of the best ways to do so--with thanksgiving. The story is easy for children to relate to, with the end of school year timing of this release perfect for the story as Philo looks forward to all the fun he'll have over the summer with his cousins--before he breaks his arm. I also love the introduction of a female character to the story, making this series even more accessible to all children. Every family needs this book - I will be starting off my kids' own summer vacation with it tomorrow!

– Phoebe

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