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Saint Maurice and the Theban Legion

Saint Maurice and the Theban Legion


Published by St. Paul Brotherhood, Diocese of Los Angeles, Pages: 68

The life of Saint Maurice reminds us of our responsibility to witness to Christ in the society in which we live ... Witnessing to Christ require understanding the Christian faith.  The deeper we comprehend our Christian faith, the happier we become and more proud we are of our faith.  On the other hand, those who have a superficial understanding of the Christian faith find it easy to leave the true faith.  The true understanding of the faith is one that is based on a life of purity and holiness.  The true missionary person is the one who lives in holiness.  Witnessing to Christ requires paying price, and the one who witnesses must be ready to pay the price in full.


-- From the preface by His Grace Bishop Serapion

A Story of True Witness to Christ

Saint Maurice and the members of the legion witnessed to Christ by their loyalty to their faith and by enduring torture and death.  There weren’t any newspapers to write about them, nor were their pictures taken or movies made about them.  Yet, their missionary work was effective.  That is why many believed in Christ.  Despite the elapse of hundreds of years, their life story still gives forth fruits.  On the other hand, evangelism, which is media-oriented, gives forth-minimal fruits and does not last long.

May our LORD grants us the ability to follow the example of Saint Maurice in witnessing to Christ in a sacrificial way, which is accompanied by true knowledge.


Through this series, we desire not only to introduce the believers to the historical lives of the saints, but to recognize and praise the work of the LORD through them.  By admiring the Light of the LORD shining brightly in and through them, we seek to develop our own personal relationship with GOD.

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