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Sanctify A Fast - CD

Sanctify A Fast - CD


This CD was produced at St. George Coptic Orthodox Church of Philadelphia.

A selection of meditations, hymns and praises for the Holy Lent in English for Fr. Mina Shaheid of St. George Church of Philadlephia.
The Contents of the CD are:
Track 1 -- Introduction
Track 2 -- Have Mercy on Me O God and Have Mercy
Track 3 -- Psali Adam for the Great Lent
Track 4 -- The Ode of the Great Lent
Track 5 -- Psali Watos for the Great Lent
Track 6 -- Our Father Who Art in Heaven
Track 7 -- Weekdays Doxologies for the Great Lent
Track 8 -- Distribution hymn for Saturdays & Sundays for the Great Lent
Track 9 -- A Selection of the Great Lent Distribution Praises
Track 10 -- The Acts Response for the Great Lent
Track 11 -- Conclusion

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