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The Deacon

The Deacon


Author: Fr. Markos R. Hanna, pages: 20

"Deacon" is Shammas in Syrian which means "Servant".  The Deacon is not a compiler of hymns, but he is a spirit which experienced life with God, tasted how good God is, and desires to share and deliver the experience to others:

Table of Contents:

  • Deacon in the Bible
  • The Deacon in the Didascalia
  • The Five Ranks of Deaconship
  • Deacons’ Instruction for Service
  • Special Discipline for Serving Inside the Altar
  • Instructions for the outside Chorus
  • What is to be Prepared Before Service
  • The Rites for the Main Deacon Serving Inside the Altar
  • Instructions for Deacons Serving Inside the Altar
  • The Candle And Its Usage

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