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The Holy Father in the Dyptich

The Holy Father in the Dyptich


Author: Fr. Markos R. Hanna, Pages: 158

In the church there is different classification of saints.  In addition to the holy fathers who are quite specifically much honored for their teachings, there are a number of classifications of the various types of holy people according to the particular aspects of their holiness.

There are the Apostles who are sent to proclaim Christianity or the Christian faith.

The Four Evangelists who specifically announce the Good News and wrote the Gospels.

The Prophets who are directly inspired to speak God’s word to men.

There are The Confessors who suffer for the faith, and lost one or more of the members of their bodies, while The Martyrs are those who gave their lives for God’s sake.

There are The Holy ones, and the saints, from among the monks and nuns, and the righteous those from among the lay people, who were consummated in the faith.

From these lives men can learn almost as much about the real meaning of Christianity from the legends of the saints produced within the tradition of the Church as from the authentic lives themselves.

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