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The Miracles of Pope Kyrillos VI- Part 1

The Miracles of Pope Kyrillos VI- Part 1


By Sons Of Pope Kyrillos, Pages: 111

How we need to serve the spirit at a time when materialism, atheism, and digressive idea are prevailing the world.  How do people need to see Christ in our life, and sense his sweet smell in us?  The Church has a crucial duty at this stage that world has reached.  The Church has to strengthen faith in all hearts, spread virtue and give peace and tranquility to all the tired souls.  By this, it will provide stability and increase happiness.  The message of the LORD Jesus Christ it to give a better life to people.  “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”  It is the immaculate, pure, and quiet life that make the good productive citizen and the active member of the Church, who knows how to be always honest to God, his nation and to the human society, dealing with all in a brotherly, co-operative spirit.  Pope Kyrillos VI ~ the 1st Papal Message

In this volume Index:
* Introduction
* In the Mill
* Miracles of Healing
* Pope Kyrillos and the Virgin Mary
* Predictions
* Pope Kyrillos and Saint Menas, the Martyr
* Visionary Sensation
* Miracles After the Pope's Departure
* Personal Memories

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