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The Offices of the Coptic Orthodox Church

The Offices of the Coptic Orthodox Church


This book has been published by Mahabba Bookstore, Pages: 448

The Offices of the Coptic Orthodox Church Contains the ritual prayers used by the Coptic Orthodox Church for every occasion in the ecclesiastical life of the believers.

The church is like a mother who cares for her child from the seventh day of his birth through the bathing prayers.  The church gives him and her a second birth by water and the Spirit though baptism and prepares him or her to be a temple for the Holy Spirit through Chrismation by the anointing of the "Holy Myron".

When he or she is sick, the church prays for him/her through the unction of the sick prayers.  When he and she is ready for marriage, the church blesses them from betrothal to marriage, until the church finally delivers him or her to the glorified church through the funeral prayers.

Our church has arranged these prayers and readings by the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We ask our LORD to bless this book and all ecclesiastical books for the benefit of the sons and daughters of the church.  This book Includes:

* Baptism
* Myron
* Bathing of Newly Baby
* Betrothal
* Matrimony
* Unction of the Sick
* Blessing of Homes
* Funeral Prayers 

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