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Wilderness Eagle - نسر البرية

Wilderness Eagle - نسر البرية


This DVD is in Arabic with English subtitles.

Date of Birth: April 1st, 1922 at El Sharquia
Birth Name: Kamel Gergous

He ordained a monk on November 2nd, 1948

He served out side the monastery at El Ezbawya for over four years, then return to the monastery on 1975.


Notes: Father Antonious El Sorianym (pope Shenouda III) built an individual cell for him inside the monastery garden on 1962- they celebrated his golden jubilee on 1998.

On November 7th, 1998 the monastery celebrated fifty years since he became a monk, a number of bishops and the Pope Shenouda himself attended the celebration.

Also on November 2nd, 2008 the monastery celebrated his sixty years as a monk attended by Anba Sarabamon abbot and bishop of Anba Bishoy monastery, Anba Esezoros abbot and bishop of El Baramos monastery, anba Kyrlos abbot and bishop of saint Maina monastery, and large number of monks from other monasteries.

On Wednesday March 17, 2010 at 3:54 AM, father Faltaous el Soriany passed away, he was the oldest monk at the desert of Sheheet at that time, and he had great love and generosity toward everyone, also spiritual vision. 

On twelve noon that day, a number of bishops and monks came to the monastery to attend the prayers (Bishop Marteros general bishop of east Cairo, Anba Kyrlos abbot and bishop of Saint Maina monastery, anba Theodoros general bishop of El Giza, and Anba Metaos abbot and bishop of el Sorian monastery). The prayer took place at Saint Mary’s El Magarah church inside the monastery.

The Lord may repose his soul in the paradise of joy and he will intercede on our behave in front of the Lord Jesus Christ throne, and who supported him during his time on earth, want from him, the lord Jesus Christ, to be our gain with the angels and saints in the heavenly kingdom.

He was buried at the monastery cemetery next to father Metaos el Soriany.

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