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The Unseen Warfare Series

The Unseen Warfare Series


Author: Jack Sparks, 3 Books in Series

About the Unseen Warfare series: Father Jack Sparks has drawn upon several versions of a classic sixteenth-century treatise, Spiritual Combat, originally written to guide monks in their labors to attain union with God. Though Western in origin, the profound spiritual insights of Spiritual Combat were recognized by Eastern writers such as Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain and Saint Theophan the Recluse, who subsequently edited and revised it in accordance with traditional Orthodox beliefs. In one form or another, this work has been revered as a spiritual classic for over four hundred years! Father Sparks has masterfully adapted the material from this highly treasured monastic work specifically for today's lay Christian living in the midst of a modern world. The result is a profound but highly practical resource for those who seek to strive with all their might against the enemies of our souls the world, the flesh, and the devil. Study questions at the end of each chapter facilitate individual or small group study. Fully indexed. Victory, Virtue, and Prayer form a three-part series on spiritual warfare. The three books are complementary in content, but do not overlap. Can be read separately or as a set.

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