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The Rite and Hymns of The Glorification Service

The Rite and Hymns of The Glorification Service


Based on the recorded and oral tradition of Cantor Mikhail El-Batanouny. Forward by HG Bishop Mettaous & HG Bishop Rafael.

  • This production contains the most accurate versions of every hymn of the The Rite and Hymns of The Glorification Service, according to the Coptic tradition.
  • It consists of all the melismatic and recitative tunes for the rite, all of which are based on the oral and recorded tradition of Cantor Mikhail Ghabrial Girgis El-Batanouny.
  • This production consists of 2 sets of 6 audio CD discs, with 5 CDs of recordings by the choir and 1 CD of sources for some of the noteworthy hymns.
  • Contains all the hymns for the Virgin Mary, as well as some hymns for the angels, martyrs, and saints.
  • Contains melismatic hymns such as Shere Theotoke, O On Enhelpis Entan, Niromi, Enthoten dhe and others; recitative hymns such as the five parts of the Glorification and the Tatkees; as well as hymns that are recorded for the first time, such as the Adam Doxologies, which are chanted in the Glorification Service only.
  • The participation of many priests, deacons and cantors s in this production, including the participation of Cantor Ibrahim Ayad, Cantor Satir Mikhail, Cantor Elia Boules, Cantor Osama Fawzy, Deacon Wagdi Bishara, Deacon Diaa Sabry, Deacon Magdy Lateef, and others.
  • The CDs were recorded and mastered digitally in professional studios.

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