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Learn the Hymns of Your Church - Part 2

Learn the Hymns of Your Church - Part 2


A video production by the Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church choir of Coptic hymns classes that were aired on Aghapy TV.

The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church presents its second DVD of “Learn the Hymns of Your Church,” which is one of the most popular programs aired on Aghapy TV.

Due to the program’s popularity and usefulness, the Coptic hymns episodes that were broadcast on Aghapy TV are now available on DVD for purchase, making these hymns classes accessible to every home and viewed according to one’s own schedule.

The advantages of watching a hymn class are many, among them are watching the hand movements of the teacher, seeing line notations as the hymn proceeds, and even feeling as though you were present in the class environment. There are also extensive introductions that help explain the context, the history, the order in the rites of Church, as well as some contemplation's on the meaning of all the hymns that are taught in the video classes.

This second DVD consists of four classes for the rite of the Liturgy of the Word, and the price of this DVD production is $10.

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