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The Rite and Hymns of the Liturgy of the Word

The Rite and Hymns of the Liturgy of the Word


These hymns are chanted entirely in Coptic by The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church Choir (HCOC). There are 66 total tracks on 6 CDs.

The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church choir’s production of the Rite and Hymns of the Liturgy of the Word  is the most complete audio CD set of hymns chanted by the priest,  the deacons, and the congregation in the Liturgy of the Word, also known as the Catechumen Liturgy, which precedes the Divine Liturgy (also called the Liturgy of the Believers). Based on the oral and recorded tradition of Cantor Mikhail Ghabrial Girgis El-Batanouny,  this release presents the most accurate versions of all the hymns of the Liturgy of the Word.

  • It is a 6 disc audio CD set - the most complete recording of the Liturgy of the Word in the Coptic language,  consisting of all the hymns chanted in their entirety, and commentary on what and when they are chanted.
  • The project was produced with contributions by  Fr. Mattias Nasr, the priest of St. Mary & Pope Cyril the Pillar of Faith Church in Cairo, Egypt, and the the hymns instructor at the Institute of Coptic Studies; Fr. Metias Said Ibrahim,  the priest of St. Mena’s Church in Hamilton, ON; and  Fr. Antonius Zikry, the priest of St. George and St. Mercurius Church in St. Catherine, ON.
  • The recordings contain rare hymns, such as the post-Synexarium hymns of Fa-nitenh Enhat (for the Archangel Michael), Adam-Abel (for the prophets), and Pi-ehlog (for the martyrs).
  • The recordings contain complete melismatic hymns,  such as the Alleluia of the Offertory (Alle-el-qorban), the hymn Apinav Shoupi, the melismatic “so”, chanted while the priest covers the altar with the prospherin clothe, the melismatic Intercession (Hiten),  the melismatic Praxis Response, and the post-Synexarium hymns of Oran Enshooshoo for St. John the Baptist, as well as Apekran for all the male saints.
  • The 6th CD is a reference source, containing recordings by Cantor Mikhail El- Batanouny and other great cantors of the Church.
  • The CDs were recorded and mastered digitally in a professional studio.


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